A Reiki treatment is a way healing your body. A treatment helps to maintain good health in mind, body and spirit. Treatment is carried out on a couch, with the Reik practitioner placing their hands on or above you. You will feel heat from my hands and see colours a feeling of warmth and calm. It clears the body of stress and worries.

Balancing the Mind Body and Soul. 

 It works on the 7 chakras rebalancing the whole body and mind and helps with stress and depression/anxiety. Reiki can make you feel more positive, it clears your mind of clutter. It can help improve the flow of energy around the body

 can help with:

  • Depress/Stress
  • Anxieties/Worries
  • Headaches/migraines
  • joint pain/muscular pain
  • hormones/ balancing chakras  
  • Helps to clear your mind, of clutter
  • Helps to find peace and harmony in your life
  • Raise your spiritual awareness 
  • works on the Mind,Body and Spirit 

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I enjoy teaching degree 1,2 and 3
if you would like any information  contact me 

£18 60 minutes 

Telephone Mobile 07817214398


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