Reiki can be very relaxing on animals; dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. Healing for your pets helps to rebalance their bodies to better health. Most animals like to be stroked and massaged. Reiki can help animals that are stressed or anxious. Reiki is very effective with good results. Pets are found to be calmer after a treatment.

As a pet owner I often give my cocker spaniel a treatment of reiki and a massage to keep him in good health. Before I do a treatment I make sure that the pet is comfortable, and is ready to accept some healing. Sometimes i can give the pet distance healing if it is to anxious.

Animals instinctively know how much healing they require and observing their reactions will make the energy flow through my hands to where it is needed. I will known when they have had enough and end the treatment.Treatment will take 20 minutes, depending on your pet.I can visit you and your pet,in your home so the pet is in its own surroundings and does not get to stressed out.

Reiki can help animals that are ill and recovering from surgery it helps to improve their well being.Reiki can work well along side of veterinary medicine.

  • Reiki helps pets that have suffered trauma,abuse and neglect.
  • Reiki can help the owner and pet bond together 
  • It helps to support an ill or dying animal 
  • May help to benefit an animal that has been in a rescue home 
  • Reiki can help healing process
  • Reiki is relaxing and calming for pets 
  • Reiki and massage together will give pets a healthy life
  • Treat your pet and see the difference 





Contact numbers  

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