Eileen is one of the ladies that benefits from having a regular reflexology     treatment, she has multiple sclerosis .

"I find I get a good nights after having a treatment of Reflexology with Jeanette, it is very relaxing and helps some of the symptoms of M.S."

Jackie has a regular Massage and Reiki, she suffers with joint problems.

"I have known Jeanette for along time and find massage and reiki helps my knees and shoulders,after a treatment I am very calm and relaxed,my joints feel alot better and less painful.I have enjoyed reiki so much I have done my degree one with Jeanette and can start to heal myself and friends."

Charlie has neck and lower back problems.

"I have a body massage and reiki, which I love, it helps with all my aching muscles,and recharges my batteries. I find it very relaxing and it helps to de-stress me"  

Contact numbers  

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