The Following Gemstones and Colours will activate the Seven Major Chakra Centres:

Chakra Gemstone Colour
Crown Amethyst Violet
Brow Lapis Indigo
Throat Turquoise Blue
Heart Peridot Green
Solar Plexus Citrine Yellow
Sacral Carnelian Orange
Root Ruby Red


Chakra cleansing can help to rebalance your mind, body and spirit. There are seven main chakras as above; they start at the base (root) then work their way through your body to the top of your head (crown) chakra. Cleansing can help to maintain good health and improve your energy flow.

Chakra cleansing helps to clear your mind and make you more alert, it is very relaxing, crystals are placed on the chakras to make the chakras more balanced. Sometimes we feel washed out and don't know why, this is because your chakras can get blocked due to bad health, stress and worry.

Some people feel so relaxed and stress free. They see lots of different colours. Once chakras are cleared you feel so much better in yourself and have more energy to do lots of things.




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